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Covington Associates Announces Advisory Role in the Sale of Formedix to Certara

August 30, 2022 12:00 AM  |   Covington Associates

Covington Associates Announces Advisory Role in the Sale of Supply Dynamics to Exiger

August 30, 2022 (Boston, MA) – Covington Associates, a leading middle market investment bank announced its role as exclusive financial advisor to Supply Dynamics, the industry’s most sophisticated supply chain collaboration platform for tracking, tracing and choreographing the purchase and supply of subcontracted products, parts, raw materials and ingredients, in the sale of its business to Exiger, the leading SaaS supply chain risk management, third-party risk management and compliance company. Integration of Supply Dynamics’ SDX, PAC, and ExplorerRX products with Exiger’s Insight3PM, DDIQ, and Supply Chain Explorer will enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and holistic risk management via a single, secure, cloud-based enterprise platform. The acquisition positions Exiger at the forefront of the SaaS Supply Chain Management market, which is expected to grow to $19.8 billion by 2025.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Supply Dynamics has gained significant traction with Fortune 500 manufacturers and the U.S. Federal Government, helping them address the absence of item-level visibility and providing a means to address critical supply chain vulnerabilities and bottlenecks. Serving heavily regulated, global manufacturing companies with complex direct material supply chains who depend heavily on outsourcing, the Loveland, Ohio-based company specializes in real-time visibility with part and raw material-level granularity. The combinations of these powerful capabilities enable Exiger to ensure operational resilience, reduce disruption, and minimize adversarial and criminal exploitation of supply chains across markets and around the globe. This helps organizations move from a reactive to a predictive posture for supply chain management. Supply Dynamics’ integration into Exiger allows it to realize the full potential of its technology with the benefit of Exiger’s deep risk management expertise and high security infrastructure. Customers will be able to access a secure, scalable, and intuitive platform that cuts through the billions of data points in a supply chain to deliver accurate risk insights with precision.

“The impact of supply chain risk and disruption is ubiquitous across private industries, the U.S. Federal Government, and global public sector organizations,” said Exiger CEO Brandon Daniels. “Exiger’s acquisition of Supply Dynamics and its SDX product is an investment into the kind of future-proof solutions that the rapidly growing supply chain management market will continue to demand. The integration of SDX into Exiger’s industry leading SCRM platform will now allow customers to have a true competitive advantage, by not only pulling the full digital thread across their global supply chain, but by also analyzing that entire risk impact in one fell swoop. This will enable macroeconomic, microeconomic, reputational, and geopolitical risk assessment with ease, simplicity, and confidence like never before possible.”  

Exiger’s risk scoring, when combined with Supply Dynamics’ item-level supply chain visibility and propriety data analysis, offers a uniquely simplified, comprehensive system that promises to disrupt both the supply chain and third-party software markets. The combined solution increases business resilience by eliminating the need for manual, time-intensive processes. Backed by AI-driven tools, Supply Dynamics’ targeted multi-tier data can now be automatically enriched with Exiger’s actionable risk insights to help supply chain, sourcing, procurement, and compliance managers make critical decisions fast.

“I’ve seen the supply chain crisis from the driver’s seat; supply chain resilience is table stakes for long-term business profitability and regulatory compliance, and yet, until now, no single provider has successfully delivered the digitalization and efficiency necessary for the public and private sectors to holistically assess and manage supplier and supply chain risk,” said Trevor Stansbury, Supply Dynamics Founder and CEO. “The combination of Exiger and Supply Dynamics is a force multiplier, not only because we believe they are the preeminent player in this market, but because we are equally committed to investing in the capabilities necessary to set a new industry standard that allows for informed, high-level decision-making within a matter of minutes.”

Exiger has already begun bringing this unprecedented capability to the public sector, having introduced Supply Dynamics’ SDX, PAC, and ExplorerRX into its $74.5 million U.S. General Services Administration contract. The integrated offering is available for immediate use through the first-of-its-kind government-wide supply chain and third-party risk management contract. Exiger’s acquisition of Supply Dynamics will allow Exiger to extend the same efficiencies and capabilities to the corporate market, while also serving as a foundation for the next phase of operational and commercial growth.


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Supply Dynamics provides Fortune 500 manufacturers with real-time visibility and control over the material requirements of their extended supply chain. Its innovative supply chain analytics solutions enable customers to reduce the cost of raw materials and component parts that go into their products, characterize and quantify risks, anticipate disruptions before they happen, enhance collaboration with supply chain stakeholders, and ensure that the timely purchase and supply of material-inputs is NEVER the reason parts are late to an end-use customer or in-field requirement. Supply Dynamics currently serves heavily regulated, global manufacturing companies in the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and defense, power generation, chemical, plastics, and electronics industries. It also works with DOD Program Offices and a variety of US Government agencies, including the Navy and Defense Logistics Agency.

Supply Dynamics’ product, SDX, is a highly secure, multi-tier supply chain collaboration platform, designed for complex, distributed manufacturing supply chains. Their award winning (web-based) multi-enterprise platform, SDX, provides commercial and DOD customers with real-time visibility and control over the “material-input” requirements (metals, fasteners, plastics, electronics, etc.) that go into their products, equipment, or weapons systems – facilitating real-time monitoring and control of Tier 1-Tier N suppliers and item level bills of material. To learn more, visit


Exiger is revolutionizing the way corporations, government agencies and banks manage risk and compliance through its combination of technology-enabled and SaaS solutions. In recognition of the growing volume and complexity of data and regulation, Exiger is committed to creating a more sustainable risk and compliance environment through its holistic and innovative approach to problem solving. Exiger’s mission to make the world a safer place to do business drives its award-winning AI technology platform built to anticipate the market’s most pressing needs related to evolving ESG, cyber, financial crime, third-party and supply chain risk. Exiger has won 30+ AI, RegTech and Supply Chain partner awards. Learn more at